The Unofficial Coloring Book Wine Pairing Guide Part 1

5 Wines for 5 Best Sellers
By Bill Clanton

It is no secret, whether you spell it “coloring” or “colouring,” adult coloring and wine go hand-in-hand.  Nothing helps take the edge off our stressful days better than our favorite coloring book and a glass of the finest fermented grapes.  This guide will help you in choosing the perfect wine to accompany some of Amazon’s best selling coloring books for grown-ups.

This stunning collection of traditional henna inspired images pairs nicely with a Chardonnay.  Velvety and Dry, the Chardonnay, fermented in oak barrels has a buttery tone which compliments the intricate mandalas, flowers and paisley patterns.

This book is a great starter book for someone who is new to adult coloring.  Likewise, the Merlot, being a great introductory wine for new red-wine drinkers, pairs well.  The soft texture of the Merlot combined with the stress relieving easy to color animal designs is the perfect rainy day recipe.

This interactive coloring book with it’s delicate and highly detailed pen-and-ink illustrations pairs quite well with the delicate and fresh texture of the Pinot Noir.  Pinot Noir’s notes of tea-leaf, damp earth, or worn leather will add an extra level of spice as you color the pages of the million seller, Secret Garden.

This magical coloring book with it’s fairy tale forest, and journey through the embellished woods is enhanced with a glass of your favorite Riesling.  Let your creativity wander to the enchanted castles of Germany as you enjoy a lighter tastier wine made of the classic German grape of the Rhine and Mosel River Valleys.

Get lost coloring in the world of Harry Potter while you sip a spicy, dark and intense Syrah.  Become a master of the dark arts coloring the four houses of Hogwarts, while savoring the flavors of wild black-fruit, black currant, with overtones of black pepper spice in the hearty dark red Syrah.
So as you search the pages of Amazon or browse the shelves of your local book store, make it a point to pick out the perfect wine for every coloring adventure.  These wines may not be the definitive pairings, only one writer’s opinion.  You are invited to share your differing opinion.  Though no matter what wine you pair with your favorite coloring book, there can be no denying that coloring and wine are a match made in heaven.

This article was written by Bill Clanton. Bill Clanton is the illustrator of the adult coloring books, “Coloring for Life: Colorful Quotes” and “Coloring for Life: Colorful Christmas”. Bill is also the author of the Kindle E-Book “Creating a Coloring Book for Adults”, a step by step guide to helping artists get their coloring books published.

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